Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Furniture from Sweden

Zweed is a Stockholm based company founded in 2010 by Håkan Johansson. " Zweed have a close collaboration with Peter Lynch when it comes to product development and the making of prototypes. Zweed's mission is to make a difference. Not only by designing and producing striking, handcrafted, quality furniture (...) but also to do it in a responsible, sustainable way. " I really like the modern look of the furniture and I think they will look amazing in any child room ;-) (not only of course! ). Especially the funny cupboard for hiding all the toys! What a great colors and simple shapes! 
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  1. Pomysłowe i ładne - podobają mi się bardzo :)

  2. Awesome designs, i love these innovative designs.

  3. Very stylish, I bet the cost a pretty penny though!! It would be nice to get the same type of furniture here. Ikea stuff just doesn't cut it. :)

  4. Very modern pieces of furniture and the colors are blooming.

    Jessica@ white furniture