Wednesday, 27 August 2014

under the starry sky

white house bed with yellow stars
under the starry sky

white corner with the cutes little house bed I have seen for a long time
the yellow stars above : so dreamy and perfect
I can only say…
sweet dreams

pictures via: deasogmia

Friday, 22 August 2014

new for kids from ferm living A/W 2014

new for kids from ferm living A/W 2014
ferm living A/W 2014 for kids
pillows native ferm living A/W 2014 for kids
wall flag with a Billy Bear ferm living A/W 2014 for kids
 ferm living A/W 2014 for kids
Round carpet dots ferm living A/W 2014 for kids
Round carpet dots ferm living A/W 2014 for kids

Be prepared for indians, arrows, wigwams, mountains and feathers in kids’ rooms. 
This theme in kids’ deco is already present, but the new collection of Ferm Living A/W 2014 doesn’t leave us with doubts that’s this trend is going to stay with us for longer. 

The Ferm Living collection is growing each season, and never disappoints me. The new online catalogue is just so good ! Have a look here. What’s new in kids department? Round carpets - dots, sticks and triangles. Simple and fresh looking and not so expensive. A lot of black-and white products : native and mountain new patterns on wallpaper and textileWall flags with a Billy Bear, Hurray and arrows pattern. New Bear Pillows and we can’t forget Inka snake in Gray. What I always like so much about Ferm Living’s design for kids is that they are elegant, modern and not childish, it’s a pleasure to look an touch it. The photos are warm, playful and even though I’m not a pastel colours person, they just grab me, with their beautiful products. Well done! 

 ferm living products for kids

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Aino-Maija Metsola for Marimekko

Marimekko for kids

Aino-Maija Metsola huhuli textile - for Marimekko bedding set for kids

If you like graphic prints and strong patterns Marimekko brand from Finland is the one which you should have an eye on. 
I’m so glad to see the beautiful textile pattern from Aino-Maija Metsola called huhuli , used now for children bedding. Originally this textile pattern was much more darker and now she added a light blue and soft pink to it, and it looks so fresh. The rich wildlife found in the forests of Scandinavia, can be definitely used in a boy or girl room.  
Aino-Maija Metsola also designed the playful stationery and toys for

kids room with marimekko products
toys marimekko design Aino-Maija Metsola
toys marimekko design Aino-Maija Metsola

Sunday, 10 August 2014

K desk in black from rafa-kids

Rafa-kids K desk in a black&white child room with a splash of yellow
Rafa-kids K desk in black

I did't plan to post or work these days….but when last week we got Rafa-kids K desk  prototypes in white and black, I just had to do something! 
The K desk in color looks so beautiful and so much different to me than natural one. My first feeling was to put this dark desk into a room with the white F bunk bed and add a splash of yellow color. Black color for a child's room might not be a first though of a parent, but I think with a touch of color this furniture piece looks so playful and cheerful. The good thing is, that when your child will enter the teenager faze of life, the K desk can easily find its place in a cool new room. Actually I would't mind to get this desk for my self! I hope you like what you see. Our Rafa-kids desk is not available yet, but the production will start very soon, and is going to be available at the beginning of October.
Rafa-kids K desk in black
Rafa-kids K desk in black
Rafa-kids K desk in black

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

lost in space - thirza schaap

photos Thirza Schaap - for papier mache/ all rights reserved
photo Thirza Schaap - for papier mache/ all rights reserved
photo Thirza Schaap - for papier mache/ all rights reserved

I'm back home after few days in France.  I will take my boys for another small trip next week and will be back after the 20th of August. It looks like there will be silence out here on the blog for a bit longer. I found this dreamy pictures made by Thirza Schaap, and thought that they illustrate my recent mood perfectly. I always find difficult to work when the days are so long, warm and inviting to relax.  Let's try to enjoy this sunny days we have in hands this Summer…..see you soon. 

photos Thirza Schaap - for papier mache/ all rights reserved
photo Thirza Schaap - for papier mache/ all rights reserved
photo Thirza Schaap - for papier mache/ all rights reserved

Saturday, 26 July 2014

a small break

Het Nieuwe pavilion in rotterdam
Het Nieuwe pavilion in rotterdam
Het Nieuwe pavilion in rotterdam

It's silence out here and it's not because of Summer season. 
I'm just so busy. You can see all news about Rafa-kids on our Facebook page. We just got a new stock of beds and we need to send all the pre-orders asp. I feel so lucky...some of the models are already sold out and we have ordered new ones , with delivery in September….but the Summer is here and we have kids at home, which is not that easy, when you run your own business. We will escape for few days to visit our friends in France. 
See you soon. 

On the pictures : Het Nieuwe pavilion in Rotterdam by SeARCH. 

Het Nieuwe pavilion in rotterdam
SeARCH architecture in rotterdam

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

how I've planned…

kim welling small box

fishing kids
fish pillow wildstilte

Did you like the previous Let's go fishing with Rafa-kids and Windstilte photos? 
This is behind the scene post, to show you how Rafa-kids is planning and collecting inspiration for a photo session. We would like to work more with other designers and small brands, to create something fresh and new….and that is why we invited Femke Veltkamp from Windstilte, to take a part in our first session. There will be more in the future! 

Rafa-kids planing photosesion summer
room for two kids -A teen bed rafa-kids

picture 1 : Kim Welling
Kids fishing : happy-children-playing
Fish pillow : Windstilte

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rafa-kids and Windstilte 

hello Summer from Rafa-kids brand for children
room for two kids with Rafa-kids A teen beds

It's a Summer time! 
We are so lucky with some hot weather in the Netherlands last days and we don't feel like going for any holidays abroad. Do you want to stay with us and go fishing? Well,  we've created a little Summer vibe in our studio last weekend. Rafa-kids was complete with two of our boys. One of them became a fisher men, the other was busy with paper, and created some paper boats . It was fun! Fish pillows appeared and our son was trying to catch some. The graphic is so beautiful on them and they are beautifly hand made. Blue walls and a touch of mint felt just right. There is no Summer without stripes! We used Rafa-kids' A teen beds with pillows from Femke Veltkamp from Windstilte to create this room for two kids. Tomorrow I will show you how I have planned it all…

A teen bed from Rafa-kids
fish pillow from Femke Veltkamp / Windstilte
fish pillow from Femke Veltkamp / Windstilte & Rafa-kids A teen bed
fish pillow from Femke Veltkamp / Windstilte

Thank you so much Femke Veltkamp from Windstilte , that you took part in Rafa-kids Summer play time. 

Rafa-kids studio in Summer mood

Saturday, 19 July 2014

storage units from abstracta

No.216 Sideboard from abstracta Designed by Jesper Ståhl

It was a silent week out here, with a very shocking news last Thursday, 
about the  MH17 airplane from The Netherlands to Malaysia, and crush in Ukraine. I still don't feel posting and would prefer to stay silent for a while…but this calm and beautiful picture of furniture is accully so nice to show you. No-216-sideboard, is named after the traditional A4 paper proportional scheme called ISO 216, and the storage units is configured using the poetry of the A-series. Designer Jesper Ståhl says , it is : 
" functional storage items with playful and warm characteristics”. I couldn't agree more. 

No.216 Sideboard from abstracta
storage units from abstracta

Monday, 14 July 2014

muji furniture

muji  interior with furniture
muji  table
interior with muji furniture
simplicity muji furniture

I still remember my first visit to the muij store few years ago. I was spending weekend in London with my Danish friend, and she told me, it's a place I have to see. Well, I wasn't much impressed. Everything looked kind of recycle and made out of gray paper. It took me a while to understand and appreciate the concept of this Japanese store which was born in 1980 ! Muji’s products are all beautifully designed. Their furniture collection has a strong Scandinavian minimalist's look and their clothing selections consists of basics that could sit next to any high end designer pieces. Their goal is " offering products that excel in quality at lower prices has been achieved by avoiding the waste typical of much product-manufacturing and distribution – in the form of unnecessary functionality, an excess of decoration, and needless packaging " .

 " … MUJI is simplicity – but a simplicity achieved through a complexity of thought and design." 

muji furniture