Monday, 8 February 2016

Monday inspiration : Kids' craft corner

Let’s start this week wit a good vibe and a splash of creativity and colour. 
Do you have crafty kids?
 I thought that all children like to  “get dirty” and create, each time there is a possibility, but it is really not always the case. My older son Frank which is now 9 was never really interested in crafting, except for drawing. He likes to draw very precise and with a lot of details. 
My five-years old Robert absolutely loves to get dirty hands! If he gets tubes of paint,  he will paint not only paper, table but his face and hands too…if allowed! He disappears into another world when he creates, and I call him our little artist. We created a small craft corner for him at our home, which might not look so professional as these ones, but 3 shelfs and a good organising helps to keep it all under control. What is important in my option ? For sure a place close to a day light , desk or a table and above or next to it,  few planks to put all the materials. 

How to create perfect Kids' craft corner
How to create perfect Kids' craft corner
How to create perfect Kids' craft corner

Absolutely love this craft corner so well organised! 
Only the table is really to small in my opinion for all 3 kids which would like to make a use of this corner. Maybe long table next to the window would be more practical and just some little stools. 

How to create perfect Kids' craft corner
How to create perfect Kids' craft corner
well organized Kids' craft corner

This room looks like a dream place to me, and I’m sure to my boys too!
 I don’t dare to even show it to them….I wish we had a bigger house to do something similar. 
Big and little storage, cups, drawers and a place to expose the art work! I’m jealous.

well organized Kids' craft corner
This last example is the most modern and sophisticated one. 
It can be made in a corner of a living room. 
well organized Kids' craft corner

I took some of the pictures from an amazing site at The Artful Parent
which I advice to check, if you are looking for inspiration for crafting with your children. 

Thank you for inspiration, photo’s : 1 -23 / 4 - 5 - 6/7- 8 -9 / 10 -11

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

KidZinspiration and Rafa-kids at M&O in Paris

Fabelab textile for children from Denmark
Fabelab textile for children from Denmark
KidZinspiration and Rafa-kids at M&O in Paris
KidZinspiration and Rafa-kids at M&O in Paris

We were so happy to collaborate with KidZpiration for the January M&O in Paris.

KidZpiration is based in The Netherlands and  distributes a range of high end, design driven toys and kids lifestyle brands to a wide variety of retailers in Europe. We met Maiko (founder)  in our studio to talk about the coming fair. KidZpiration  is carrying very beautiful products for children, from brands like:  Wee Gallery, Smiling Planet, Rock&Pebble, GreenLullaby, Fabelab and others.

Like you can already see on the pictures we clicked very well with KidZpiration and our Rafa-kids R toddler beds went to Paris. Danish textiles from Fabelab were presented on our beds, in two different corners. On one of them you could see our natural finish bed and L shelf with bedding and accessories with soft colours . The other corner was black&white and on our Rafa-kids XL shelf were presented amazing little toys from Rock&Pebble. We are very pleased to share our furniture with other brands, since we believe this way we can create new, fresh and inspiring content. 

KidZinspiration and Rafa-kids at M&O in Paris
 Rafa-kids R toddler bed at M&O in Paris at KidZinspiration
Rock&Pebble at M&O in Paris with KidZinspiration
Rafa-kids toddler bed and Fablab textile at M&O in Paris
KidZinspiration at M&O in Paris

Monday, 1 February 2016

Favorite stylist part 6 - Aurore Sfez

Aurore Sfez for magazine Doolittle
Aurore Sfez for magazine Doolittle
Aurore Sfez for magazine Doolittle

Today instead of our usual post “Monday inspiration for children rooms” 
I would like to show you one of my favourite stylist
If you are interested in the latest trends in kids deco , Aurore Sfez is the one you would like to follow. Her styling work is mostly dedicated to a French magazine Doolittle for whom she is preparing series of pictures. I have a feeling she is creating kind of 3d mood boards, with colours/textures and of course furniture and products for children. That’s why her work can look so different, depending of the season and the latest trend. I’m showing you today her winter atmosphere and the other one with sunny days. I like both of them a lot and thought this will give you a good impression of her style. 
You can find Aurore Sfez on Instagram or Facebook, where I found all the pictures. 

Aurore Sfez for magazine Doolittle
Aurore Sfez for magazine Doolittle
Aurore Sfez for magazine Doolittle

Saturday, 30 January 2016

new Rafa-kids lookbook - Shelf collection

Rafa-kids shelf collection lookbook 2016

I have a great treat for the weekend for you :
NEW Rafa-kids lookbook, where you can see our shelf collection. 
Please have a look : Rafa_lookbook_2016_shelf

The lookbook was created by the talented graphic designer Asia Gwis / kawkadesign. It was so great to give her a ‘free hand’ so she could design and show Rafa-kids shelves in her own way. What a nice surprise, to get this playful yet delicate look with our furniture. The use of colours is also new for us and we are absolutely delighted with the final effect. We hope you will like it as much as we do. 
If you missed our first Rafa-kids lookbook, here it is :  Design To Play.

We wish you a wonderful weekend! 

Rafa-kids desk with shelf M
Rafa-kids desk with shelf M in lookbook 2016
Rafa-kids desk with shelf M in lookbook 2016
Rafa-kids toddler bed with shelf M in lookbook 2016
Rafa-kids shelf S in lookbook 2016
A teen bed  +XL shelf - from Rafa-kids

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

MINI Bloomingville from Denmark

teepee from MINI Bloomingville Danish design for children
teblewear MINI Bloomingville from Denmark
MINI Bloomingville from Denmark
children products from MINI Bloomingville
MINI Bloomingville storage for children from Denmark
MINI Bloomingville ceramic for children from Denmark

It’s nice to see that the Danish design company Bloomingville

brought to the market a collection for younger users - called MINI Bloomingville. The company was born from Betina Stampe’s dream and passion in 2000.   Today the company has grown into an international cooperation employing more than 70 people and 65 sales representatives and distributors worldwide.  In 2014 Bloomingville became a part of US-based Regent Holding, which is co-owned by Betina and Simon Stampe. The company’s range is covering now not only accessories but also wide collection of furniture. I like to watch how such a brand is growing over the years and to get inspired by it. 

What MINI Bloomingville offer us ? Soft, delicate tones on textile, pillows, bedding, blankets and rugs. Ceramic and storage products from small to medium. Little bags, paper decorations -  posters and cards, well the list is very long…and then all decorated with a children friendly graphics of animals.  

MINI Bloomingville & Rafa-kids moodbord for toddlers

We made inspiring collage, where we used also Softgallery image and Collegien slippers
The rest of products are coming from Mini Blomingvile collection. 

MINI Bloomingville products for children from Denmark

Monday, 25 January 2016

Monday inspiration - Blush Pink in children’s rooms

Blush Pink in children’s rooms

Blush Pink in children’s rooms
Soft Gallery fashion label for children
Blush Pink furniture

Today I’m going out of my comfort zone. Really! I do not like pastel colours much and pink in particular. Seeing interiors for children (grills mainly) with all this cheerful and sunny colour tones is not really my cap of tea.  When I was a little girl I never really liked it and I was more tom-boy as you will say now. On top of that, I have two sons now, so my more soft side had no real chance to develop…
but today I would like to talk Blush Pink

I have a feeling that the Blush Pink with the right combination of other stronger colours can look fresh and playful. My favourite combination will be with darker grey tones, but you would not see that much in children deco. I decided to show you a very nice Blush pink with splash of gold or yellow and also natural textures of wood or metal. All the rooms look very cosy to me with good dose of colour which doesn’t feel like ‘to much’ but it’s modern and elegant

Blush Pink in children’s rooms - Olivier Furniture
Blush Pink wall
Blush Pink with yellow children’s room
Blush Pink wall decoration
 Blush Pink in children’s rooms - bibbelote bedding
Blush pink in children rooms - colon studio toddler bed

Thank you for inspiration, picture credits : 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -7 - 8 - 9