Tuesday, 21 October 2014

halloween ideas from H&M

halloween party ideas from H&M
halloween party ideas from H&M

We do not celebrate halloween with kids at our house, but I think the monster and batman theme for a children’s party/kids’ room is an universal idea, which can be used through whole year. I really like the simple look of the new home H&M collection for kids. We can see a touch of the traditional orange halloween colour, but with plenty of black&white accessories and a touch of grey. I think most of all the ideas you see on the pictures, we could make ourself with kids. 
My favourite is the white cup with black monster! I have a weakness for bedding for kids and this simple batman pattern flying around can be perfect for some quick change in my boys’ room. Since last week we have in Rotterdam the biggest H&M store in Europe. I haven’t have time to go and have a look, but since they also carry the home collection I need to check it out soon. 

storage with monster from H&M home collection

black and white batman bedding set for kids from H&M home collection

H&M home collection for small kids batman theme

Friday, 17 October 2014

blue jeans

Rafa-kids a teen bed

Blue and orange are one of my favourite colour combination. Last year we did a photo session with our Rafa-kids A teen bed in this colours which you see above. I still like it so much!  My older son loves orange colour too, but it was not that easy to make a room with it. Here you can see my post about it : boys-room   . You will probably say, oh yes, orange is a favourite Dutch colour, but acutely you see it mostly only during the national holidays, not really that much in the home deco. I personally think that orange in combination with black colours gets a bit to heavy, and brings you into halloween mood, but with touch of blue tones, jeans, and some textures of grey, it’s getting lighter and elegant. Orange with the industrial, raw accessories looks also very fresh. 

All photo’s I’m showing , are from KEK MAMA / WONEN Dutch magazine, 
styling made by estherloonstijn and photo’s by fotolemaire

KEK WONEN inspiratie voor kinderkamer
 kek wonen magazine inspiratie voor kinderkamer
KEK WONEN inspiratie voor kinderkamer
KEK WONEN inspiratie voor kinderkamer

Thursday, 16 October 2014


It’s so rare for me to come across a fresh magazine that I don’t know, during my routine shopping at the supermarket. That’s what happened to me yesterday.  I was so glad to get a KEK MAMA / WONEN Dutch magazine edition all dedicated to babies’ and children’s rooms. 

It’s inspiring, full with many great editorials and DIY.  I would like to show you two of the rooms today. First one is all about natural, scandinavian feeling and colours. The white base can go well for years and you can change the room by only adding colourful accessories. I really like the wall behind the desk, which becomes at the same time storage to display nice objects. The second room belongs to two sisters, who share the room at the attic. The bunk bed safes a lot of space and there is space for working desk and a swing, all looks so natural and playful. Tomorrow I will show you more inspirations from this magazine….

KEK wonen Dutch magazine
zolderkamer van twee zusjes Lotje en Jitske
zolderkamer van twee zusjes
two girls room on attic
zolderkamer van twee zusjes Lotje en Jitske
sleeping on attic room of two sisters

photo’s credits : estherloonstijn & fotolemaire

Friday, 10 October 2014

whats your favourite colour ?

studio oink for papier mache
studio oink for papier mache

Do you remember my post about Studio Oink ? Well, I think we should keep an eye on them, since they bring more and more original and creative work out there. This time they are part of the current papier mache issue N° 08. They did a full editorial production for it, with a theme  "whats your favourite colour". 

“ … Studio Oink with Frida, Elias and Katharina sing out loud their favourite colours  “My lovely lovely lilac flower, come to me and be my friend. I will take good care of you, the whole time to all eternity. “ (Frida)  

I’m not a pastel person or soft tones one, but the first photo it’s really my favourite from all editorial made by studio oink . The richness of different textures, kept in one tone I found simply beautiful. 

 What 3 words best describe the colour ? Loveliness, warmth, youth.
What lovely things are the same colour ? Fluffy bedlinen, Balloons, Perfume. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

studio oink for papier mache
studio oink for papier mache

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rafa-kids K desk in new papier mache

Rafa-kids K desk in Australian Magazine papier mache
new issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine

I went today to the city and how lucky I felt, when I saw the new issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine just waiting for me! This Australian Children’s Magazine aims to showcase artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, writers, inventors, creators, kids, dreamers, doers and magicians….It’s difficult to give you exact feeling of the mag, but even though I’m not that much info children’s fashion I absolutely enjoy and get inspired by this beautiful editorial work and content dedicated this time to COLOR.  
Of course the fact, that our Rafa-kids’ desk is selected and featured, is amazing. We feel very honoured and proud.  Thank you so much papier mache for choosing us for your wonderful magazine. 
If you can’t get the paper magazine , you can step by the artist’s websites to see some of the work they contributed to this issue:  Enjoy! 

new issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine
Piotr Motyka for issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine
issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine
Piotr Motyka for issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine

“ …Joined by amazing artists and kids, we tried to answer this question together: “ What if you woke up in world made of your favourite colour? “ and out of all the answers we got, here is the advice we took from a wise little boy: 
“ Dream your life in colours, it’s the secret of happiness” . His name: Peter Pan. “

Melanie Rodriquez issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine
Melanie Rodriquez issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine
Melanie Rodriquez issue N° 08 of papier mache magazine
Melanie Rodriquez photos for papier mache magazine
Melanie Rodriquez photos for papier mache magazine

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

working space

working space in black
black desk

I've started new Pinterest board “work space” while ago. 
I notice that I like, very minimal and clean desks and space the most. At my home, the house can be a mess, but when I need to do some work, I first clean my desk otherwise I just can’t concentrate. I don’t like to face the wall with my working space, so I have my desk in front of the window. It’s not about looking outside, it’s about the need of feeling open and sit in light. If I will ever have a bigger house or start to work more often in our studio, I would love to have a working space in the middle of the room. What is your perfect working space?  Do you need a lot of storage around you? or you like to keep it clean and minimal like I do ? 

picture’s 1 - 2  - 3 - 4 - 5

minimal white working space
string system with a small desk white
lotta agaton for herman miller

Monday, 6 October 2014

room to dream

linen bedding - photo vtwonen magazine
sleeping corner with linen cover and pillows
Rafa-kids A teen bed - at Bodie and Fou styling: Karine Kong photo Francois Kong

I would like to tell you something. I have a crash on washed linen for some time now. When I visited maison-objet in Paris in September, it was just difficult to avoid it, they were all over the place at the textile hall. I used to sleep in cotton for years, but then the calm, dreaming look of washed linen bedding, was all what I would like to think of. I decided to go for it, and create some new collection of bedding for Rafa-kids , since the one we have didn’t changed since the beginning. I’m so much into challenge of trying something new! The orders are made and I’m waiting to get all new wonderful products …so stay with me. 

picture’s 12 - 3 - 4 - 5 
room-to-dream store - grey and yellow bedding
menu new bedding collection

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Instagram find - kid's store Tea and Kate

kid’s store tea and kate
kid’s store tea and kate
donna willson ceramic at kid’s store tea and kate

“ .....I would like to think of Tea and Kate as a small emporium selling the best stuff! I have sourced collections from around the world, many of whom manufacture their goods in the traditional way and to their original designs. The products i source are often a little bit eccentric, sometimes indulgent and always charming but mostly inspirational.(....) Tea and Kate will continually strive to bring you new and exciting products some totally new to the market for you our customers to enjoy! ..."

kid’s store tea and kate
kid’s store tea and kate

This weekend I’m into kids’ shops on Instagram and today I would like to show you a very personal and cosy place - Tea and Kate based in UK. When I discovered this Instagram feed, I had the feeling that someone just invited me to her home and would like to show me all this beautiful little items she has in her store. Maybe that’s the secret of  this store Instagram success, since she reached 50.000 followers! 
Tea and Kate is a very cute, warm and cosy place,  filled with unique designs, and so well curated and shown. Instagram seems to me, such a direct place and being personal looks like natural part of it. 

kid’s store tea and kate
kid’s store tea and kate